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Autism is a developmental disorder of the mind.  The known side effects include: delays in speech, poor eye contact, poor motor skills, sensitivity to noise, repetitive behaviour, lack in skills to socially interact with others.  Whether Spectrum or Aspergers, autistic people love routine and structure, and are often affected by change, which often leads to anxieties, and in many cases, extreme behaviours.

What’s needed? Early diagnosis, intervention through therapies such as Occupational, Speech with P.E.C.S., MAKATON, TEACH, SOCIAL STORIES and PROLOQUO 2 GO.  Other therapy options includes ABA and SUNRISE Programme.

Realising your Child has Autism

“Realising your child has Autism, is often a very challenging and lonely time for any parent.  There is often a denial process that many parents go through, hoping for a chance that their child may just be developing at a slower pace, and when that is not the case, has devastating effects on all concerned.

Even after diagnosis, many parents are still left in states of confusion.  It feels like a time of loss, often grieving for what could have been. Emotionally, this has devastating effects on families, relationships and marriages.  With mixtures of emotions, many parents feel as though they just want to hide away – feeling that they no longer have anything in common with the world, because the world and those around them, start to look and associate with them differently.”   GAFA

Please look up group counselling for parents.  We listen – we share – we support.


We all have aspirations, as do many with autism.  The reason behind this charity, is to see those aspirations come to life, to see a better world for autistic people.

Having a child with autism myself, I experienced first-hand what it was like to live in their world with the various emotions.  As a parent, you are led to a far greater understanding of what life is about.

Autistic people are special and unique, and show us that life should be simple and treasured.  They teach us empathy.  They are pureness in heart, in understanding and very often misunderstood.  They have aspirations.

In my experience, my daughter showed aspirations but was unable to express them.  I identified them through the activities she felt most passionate about.  It allowed me to come to the realisation of what life was really like or meant to someone who had a different way of relating to it, as well as; not always being able to express their thoughts.  What that must feel like every day, being trapped in your own mind, your own world.

Global Action for Autism believes that no one should feel trapped, isolated or excluded from society and therefore we cannot ignore those without their voice to speak.  It is all our responsibility to care for those who are most vulnerable.

Our Mission​

Is for the inclusion of autistic people and their families.  To change the world and the mind set around autism.  Autistic people are extremely unique and special, and we want to embrace that by opening up a world of opportunities for all on the Spectrum.

We believe that no one should be excluded, irrespective of their disability, equal opportunities should be for all.  Please help us in changing the world’s attitude to autism.

Let’s celebrate and embrace our autistic people and make inclusion our priority.