About Us

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Autism is a developmental disorder of the mind, a condition that affects 168 million people worldwide.  More than 1 in 100 people are on the autism spectrum and there are around 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK alone.  Symptoms often occurs in the first two years of life.

The known side effects include delays in speech, poor eye contact, poor motor skills, sensitivity to noise, repetitive behaviours, lack in ability to interact with others.  Whether Spectrum or Aspergers, autistic people love routine and structure. They are affected by change resulting in anxiety and challenging behaviours.

What’s needed? Early diagnosis and intervention using the following: Occupational therapy, Speech therapy together with P.E.C.S, Makaton, Teach to Social stories and Proloquo2go.  Other therapy options include ABA and the SUNRISE Program.

Realising your Child has Autism

Can be a lonely time for any parent. This experience is devastating on families who feel isolated and excluded within their communities.

Please sign up and join our group counselling sessions where we listen – we share – we support.


We all aspire, like many young people with autism.  The purpose for this charity is to see those aspirations come true for the young people.

Being a parent of a young person with autism, I was able to see the aspirations in her although she was unable to express them herself. It allowed me to understand what life must feel like for those without a voice which then inspired me to form this organisation.

Our Mission​

Is for the inclusion of autistic people in the world.  We want to change the mindset around autism and embrace that by opening a world of opportunities for them.

We believe that no one should be excluded, irrespective of their disability.  Equal opportunity should be for all.  Please help us in changing the world’s attitude to autism.

Let’s celebrate and embrace our autistic people and make inclusion our priority.